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jpeg-final_chosen_best_of_moniques_shadows_and_scars1.jpgJohnnie Sue Bridges incredible life story began with the release of her first book, the highly acclaimed Shadows And Scars—A beautiful story that captures the essence of living in the Appalachian Mountains of Middlesboro, Kentucky, with vivid imagery, comical moments and raw emotion. In one cold blue night, she writes of an already painful world turning into nothing short of a nightmare. Bitter coldness and survival starts the reader on a journey that portrays a young mother’s fight against poverty, loneliness, and alcoholism, concluding in the riot-torn and racially divided city of Detroit. Shadows And Scars reveals a birds-eye view of the child that struggled to maintain stability in her hauntingly unstable world. Readers will gain the knowledge of endurance within themselves, despite adversity.

Editor: Heidi George

Book # 1 Shadows And Scars

The night we left Middlesboro, Kentucky, was a cold blue night. As we past by the stock barn where we had been so many times before in the warmth of a beautiful sunny day, I thought to myself, “Something tells me I will never see this place again.” There was no heat in the car, and the bitter icy cold winds blew up through the back seat where Linda Gail and little Junebug sat holding each other, wrapped in a quilt shivering, but without saying a word. We were so cold, and I was so angry. As I silently wept, I must have dozed off. When I woke, it was daylight, and we were in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I looked out the window and my first thought was, “The only difference between this place and hell is-fire and ice.” And if I had thought for one second that Wisconsin was hell on earth, I was really in for a rude awakening. We arrived in downtown Detroit on a Greyhound bus in the wee hours of the night, right after the riots. Never in all my life had I ever seen such a wretched place.

mgsgh-jpeg.jpgMotown Girl Sister Golden Hair

The sequel, book # 2 “Motown Girl Sister Golden Hair, chronicles her roller coaster ride through the early 70’s growing up in the inner city of Detroit’s Westside. Hitting the teen years during the underground time of extreme change, uprisings, experimenting with everything under the sun, came at a very high price—robbery of her self worth and most importantly, the stolen innocence of the ones she dearly loved. Highly educated in cultured urban habit, she was forevermore restless and ran incessantly. It was by the grace of God that she eventually changed and escaped. However, some of those she held closest to her heart paid the piper with their lives. 

In her own words, “No one told us that stuff would kill ya.”


The Middlesboro Daily News written by Sarah Marcle.

Love, Laughter and Lessons Learned

Johnnie Sue Bridges

MIDDLESBORO — Everyone can relate to sitting down with friends and reminiscing about old times. No matter how young or how old you may be, everybody has a story of “back in the day.” Memories of love, laughter and lessons learned are what makes us unique in who we are. Simply put, those memories are our life. The story of life for Middlesboro native and highly acclaimed author Johnnie Sue Bridges in her second biographical release, Motown Girl: Sister Golden Hair is one that cannot go unnoticed. Motown Girl is a book that breaks your heart, mends it back together, brings a smile to your face, tears to your eyes and ultimately gives you a sense of serenity, knowing that we are not our own keeper. Motown Girl: Sister Golden Hair is set in the 1970’s and depicts Bridges’ life as an adolescent. Growing up in the inner city of

Detroit, Mich. was rough for Bridges and she often resorts to violence to protect herself, her siblings, and her reputation. As a girl, Bridges struggles to cope with relocating and adapting to life in the big city, following her family’s move from Middlesboro. She constantly wrestles with the loss of her mother and continually tries to hide her grief. Due to her mother’s passing, Bridges is forced to live with her grandmother — a woman who continually expresses her emotions through “tough love.” While still a teen, Bridges turned to drugs to fit in with her environment and as a coping mechanism. Several times, Bridges refers to getting high or drunk, alongside her friends and family members. But in the end, Bridges discovers that she wants more out of life. “No one told us that stuff would kill ya,” states Bridges in Motown Girl Sister Golden Hair. Nearing the end of the book, Bridges learns the devastating outcome of drug abuse as she watches those near and dear to her heart begin to fall away as a result of “hard life.” At that point, Bridges seeks change — she gives her life to God. She turns to a higher power for the questions, answers and success of her career. After reading Motown Girl, I felt a close connection with Bridges: A sympathy and a similarity. The stories she writes about are in-depth and personal; they are heartfelt and moving; they are honest, emotional and nothing but the truth. God is in control! I feel as if I’ve known Bridges my entire life, and would recommend everyone else to know her, too, by reading Motown Girl: Sister Golden Hair. Motown Girl: Sister Golden Hair, the sequel to Bridges’ first release Shadows and Scars, is available now through online retailers: Target, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris. You may also order Bridges’ books by phone at (888) 795-4274 extension 7876. Bridges also hosts a website at www.johnniesuebridges.com and a communitive myspace.com page.Sarah Miracle is a staff writer for the Daily News. She can be contacted via e-mail at smiracle@middlesborodailynews.com.

Book # 3 of my series

Run BabyGirl Run

Just Published!

 The year was 1973. A fourteen-year-old girl hitchhiked across the country to the Pacific Coast, then back to the Atlantic Ocean. Her mother died when she was only eleven years old and never knowing a father, there had to be a way of validating her very existence and to discover why she was on this planet. The answers were all around her; however, she would not be able to recognize them until years later. Meeting with many life-threatening situations, it’s a thousand wonders she is still alive to tell her story.

Run BabyGirl Run is written with gutwrenching honesty and allows the reader to see into the very depths of this beautiful young girl’s soul.

Editor: Jackie Hurst

4th Book of the Series Coming Soon!

From the BOTTOM to the Grave

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